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Bon Vivants

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Bon Vivants is a community for posting recipes as well as any questions about cooking, food in general, world cuisines, cookbooks, and cooking shows.

Please use the subject line for the title of the recipe and ALWAYS start it with "RECIPE:" in order to differentiate it from general cooking posts. Follow this by the type of recipe it is, such as "ENTREE:" or "DESSERT:". [Soup, Salad, Appetizer, Snack, Drink] Then followed by whatever title you give it. Example: "RECIPE: SOUP: Chicken and Stars

Within the body of the post, include ingredients in a list, one per line. Post using whatever measurements you feel comfortable with, and if you see a recipe with unfamiliar units, check out a conversion site, like THIS. Feel free to add any comments to your recipes. If you are copying the recipe from another source, be sure to credit the source and/or link to the source.

If your post is NOT a recipe, dont worry about how you format the subject line.

All recipes will go in the "Memories" section of the community. Click on "Memories" to see all the recipes people have posted in the past and search with the Find option in your browser.